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In May 1998 I visited The Netherlands for the first time in 19 years ! I found that in the meantime an additional substantial network of highways through the entire country had been built. The weather was alternating between tropical (30 C) and yukkie cold for me (12 C). But I had a great time. I even went to visit my cyberpal Gert Jan Veenstra, whose paintings I have displayed on another page.Here follow some of the pictures I took. On Wednesday, May 20th 1998 the European Champions Cup Final football match was held at the new Amsterdam Arena between Juventus (Italy) and Real Madrid (Spain). Real Madrid won 1 : 0 .
In the photo at right you can see some supporters of Real Madrid enjoying themselves in Amsterdam before the match, wearing crazy high hats and the scarves in the colours of their Club.

Amsterdam football supporters
Amsterdam, Wednesday, 20 May 1998

Amsterdam - floating coffeeshop
This picture was taken from one of those sightseeing tour boats you can take through the Amsterdam canals. As you can see from the writing at the side of this boat: it is a floating coffee shop.

Kastanje boom- chestnut tree
During May the Chestnut trees were in bloom all over Holland. Some had white, some had cream and some had pink blossoms.
on a ferry
On a Ferry- Noord-Brabant
out door cafe
Een biertje in an outdoor cafe- Noord-Brabant

de Maas
De Maas

mill in Noordt-Brabant
Molen in Noord- Brabant

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